SK Waller was born on California's Gold Coast between the Pacific Ocean and the Topa Topa and Refugio mountains. Because her parents couldn't afford formal musical training for her, "Kaye" began to teach herself. By the age of eight she could read and play piano using music and also by ear. By high school she'd already begun to write music and to play the large array of musical instruments that cluttered her home of professional musicians. After graduation she set out on a musical career that over the following twelve years included nightclub and coffeehouse dates, showcases, opening for popular recording artists, concerts at schools, prisons, and rallies, concert tours, recording, and frequent television and radio appearances.

She has lived and worked in Hollywood, Laurel Canyon, Haight-Ashbury, and London, her music introducing her to the private world of musical icons like Jimi Hendrix, the Lovin' Spoonful, the Monkees, the Doobie Brothers, Paul McCartney, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and others.

In 1986, while pursuing a degree in musical composition, Maestro Frank A. Salazar, founder and music director of the Ventura County Symphony took her under his wing as his sole (gratis) private pupil and later hiring her as his assistant, a post she held until his retirement six years later. Under his tutelage she learned composition, arranging, music history, conducting, and a variety of other subjects concerning composition and performance. Over 200 of her songs and orchestral pieces, which cover a wide range of styles and forms, have been published. Her music has been performed throughout the United States as well as in England, Italy, and Spain.


At the age of nine, she won a writing contest with a one-act play that was staged by an adult cast in Solvang, California, where she lived at the time. She wrote her first novel at sixteen and has written many poems through the years, many of which she eventually set to music. She has written articles for Boomers and Books, Boomspeak, The Encyclopedia of 18th Century History, and The Sounding Board, the journal of The American Composers Forum.

She recently published Books One and Two (With A Dream and With A Bullet) of her rock and roll series, Beyond The Bridge, in a single Special Edition and is currently writing Book Three, With A Song and Book Four, Enharmonic Intervals.

In 1995 she wrote Night Music: the Memoirs of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which was recently pulled pending the completion of a second edition. Other works in progress include Harley & Collette, a romantic comedy set in modern-day Vienna, Touching Fire, a mystic love story about a 15th century Franciscan priest, a coffee table book, California Gold Coast Dreamin', and her memoirs, A Polite Little Madness.



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