Spanning the musically innovative years between 1966 and 1991, the Beyond The Bridge series follows the lives of Sixties blues rock band Tuppence, a colorful group who, along with their friends and families, are inextricably linked through music and fame. The leading character is Gordon Hammond, the brilliant and complex songwriter and lead guitarist. How he balances fame and his personal life sets the tone for the story, which is carefully and faithfully woven into actual music history, clouding the line between fact and fiction. In this engaging series SK Waller takes the reader on a magic carpet ride through the most creative and revolutionary decades the musical world has ever known.

With A Dream (1966-1971)

Book 1 begins in Swinging London at the height of the British Invasion. A young, rather naive Gordon Hammond forms an electric blues band called Tuppence and due to his genius as a visionary songwriter and guitarist, as well as the group's innovative sound, they skyrocket to the top of the charts. When Gordon falls in love with supermodel Felicity, his entire life changes as he begins to learn that fame and the forfeit it demands is no respecter of persons. Available now at Amazon.

With A Bullet (1976-1981)

Book 2 opens as newly-discovered blues artist Katy Clarke moves to London to launch her career. The small town girl from Boulder, Colorado has no idea, however, that her subsequent success and fame will demand not only dedication and hard work, but also a hard look at what drives her. Meanwhile, Gordon recovers from a five-year emotional breakdown and begins to plan his comeback. Familiar characters from Book 1 return to move the story toward its finale. Forthcoming February 2017

With A Promise (1986-1991)

Book 3 begins just as Gordon finds that his music has survived the onslaught of 1970s punk and disco and has a place once again in the charts. Encouraged, Tuppence regroups to enjoy a thrilling comeback amid family upheavals and the ongoing stresses and celebrations of their fame. When a groupie's exposé is published, Gordon is forced to grapple with a past that could jeopardize everything that matters to him. Forthcoming in 2017

Enharmonic Intervals

Working from voluminous notes, sketches, and research material, SK Waller is currently compiling the recollections of her fascinating, reclusive main character, Gordon Hammond. In this revealing first-person narrative, and with his characteristic disarming frankness, Gordon describes his childhood and family life, his rise to fame, his failed marriage, and the pressures of maintaining his status as a music icon. Revealing events of his life that he has kept hidden from the press and his fans, Gordon tells his story warmly and with his famous, droll humor. Forthcoming in 2017

SK Waller

"I've always written. Besides books, I write articles, essays, plays, poetry, music, and song lyrics. I also have a weblog that I've maintained since 2002, usually posting weekly, sometimes more frequently as the spirit moves. My books are chiefly fiction that include equal doses of humor and drama. My books mostly deal with music and musicians because I'm a professional musician who was raised by a family of professional musicians from Vaudeville to opera, from jazz to rock and roll. Between the paternal musical genes and the maternal literary genes, I didn't stand a chance. Writing about music was the natural and most obvious path for me to take."