"Yes! I liked it!"

"This story moves well. Waller does a lovely job painting the London rock scene of the late 1960s (there was clearly some meticulous research here) and then diving deeply into the personal intricacies of musicians and band-member dynamics. The story structure is clever, moving from narrative to dialogue to magazine and television interviews and back again. The fictional weaves with the historical—in addition to the story's main players, we glimpse visits from George Harrison, Donovan, Mick Jagger, and Eric Clapton, to name a few. The crowning jewel of the whole experience is the dialogue: these people are alive. The characters were so vivid I found myself getting worked up. I really liked Gordon Hammond at first, and then I was angry with him for a good long while for what I thought was a really stupid decision, and then I came around to liking him again. I want to meet all the people in the book and visit the places. Chadwicke Hall is like a dream, and the book includes floor plans and an illustration of the estate grounds. Sex, music, booze, drugs, tension, engaging people, conflicting emotions, craziness, laughter, and the list goes on. An extremely fun read. I want more!"
Bob Slentz-Kesler
Sylvia, Rachel, Meredith, Anna and Search For the Flaming Chalice

"Sensuous, compelling, honest, and thought-provoking."

"Beautifully written, sensuous, compelling, honest, and thought-provoking. As a guitar god of the 1960s, Gordon Hammond's story is about fame and fortune and the high price they exact. Too often we're tempted to believe that the life of a superstar is one of luxury and ease, but the Beyond The Bridge series is a window into their reality, which is more often than not a completely different reality than the one that is presented to the public. Waller does an excellent job of drawing the reader into their private, most intimate moments with the sensitivity and knowledge of one who has been on the inside of the fascinating world known of rock and roll. Highly recommended for anyone who loves music, or anyone who simply loves a good character-driven story."
K. Lynette Erwin
So Faithful A Heart, the Love Story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart and When Love Won't Die

"Sparkling with period detail."

"A book absolutely sparkling with period detail, Beyond The Bridge will make you feel like a rock star as you travel the highs and lows with Gordon Hammond. The lush acid trips are especially fun!" - Juliana B.

"I laughed, I cried, I fell in love, I had flashbacks!"

"Many of the scenes and descriptions immersed me in the past. I could not put it down! Gordon is my kind of man. Handsome, intelligent, compassionate, and creative. I would have greatly enjoyed being his California muse. I am a huge fan now and can hardly wait for the next book!" - Carole R.

"Authoritatively written."

"I found myself constantly forgetting that this was a work of fiction, so real is the writing, so alive the characters, and the descriptions of the life and times of many notable real-life musicians so authoritatively written. It has the feel of a well-crafted biography." - Glenda T

"And then there are the people..."

"I'm not one to read an entire book in one sitting, but each time I tried to put Beyond The Bridge down, I just couldn't. I was immersed into the world of the London music scene, the drug culture, the fashion culture, the arts, etc. And then there are the people. I felt a part of their lives. I laughed out loud, I cried without shame, my heart soared, and my heart broke. I want more!" - Debra F.