A Bookends Christmas, 19

A house full of food and drink, of which I had very little.

I entered the holiday season full of cheer and energy and am ending it with the worst cold I’ve had in a decade. Actually, it’s the only cold I’ve had in a decade, which is probably why it feels like the worst of my life. It hit me hard on the 23rd—the night that our family arrived—and got worse and worse. Today is better than yesterday, but I’ve spent it laying on the bed napping while watching YouTube reruns of The Lovejoy Mysteries. Hey, at least I wasn’t in bed like I was the day before! To further illustrate how crappy I feel, there’s still wine in the bar and champagne in the fridge, and you know me well enough to know that this never happens. Happy effin’ Christmas. Still, it’s been nice having the kids home, although I don’t think I’ve made a great impression on Sky, Lauren’s boyfriend. I just hope they don’t take this cold back home with them.

I hope your holidays were happy and warm and wonderful! Stay warm, stay loved, stay healthy!

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A Bookends Christmas, 18

Well, this year’s Christmas cake is finally finished. I almost trash-canned it this afternoon so I took a break for a few hours and then came back to it. It actually came out better than I thought it would, despite the fact that I’m dead dog tired and have been fighting off a cold and sore throat all week. Our  daughter, Lauren, and her boyfriend are flying in from New York City tomorrow evening and we’re really excited to meet him. You probably won’t hear from me again until Boxing Day, so have a very happy Christmas—or whatever holiday you celebrate. (I’d be more effusive, but I feel like crap. Hope this bug is gone tomorrow!)

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A Bookends Christmas, 17

Every year, after the cash gifts arrive from well-to-do relatives, I never feel guiltly for spending a little bit on myself in the form of a bottle or two of Barefoot Bubbly. My favorite champagne is Piper-Heidsieck—I miss the days when I could afford to keep a case of splits in my house to enjoy while getting ready to go out, getting over a hangover, or just because someone stopped by—but a bottle of Bubbly isn’t unappreciated these days. So here’s to it. Cheers to the Winter Solstice!

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A Bookends Christmas, 16

My plan was simple enough. Post a photo once a day. Sounded easy, anyway. Problem is, the closer I get to the actual holiday, the harder that has become. Well, I don’t believe there are hundreds of readers checking in here, virtually panting to see what I post next so when I realized I’d missed yesterday, I didn’t panic. Here is a photo of my guitars beside the tree. I sort of think of them as the Three Kings.

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