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Bowl of Promise
Bowl of Promise

I installed and started working with a new theme last night, but the farther in I got the more I decided it just wasn’t going to work. So I’m back to this stark, unimaginative theme. It’s actually growing on me, though. I actually like everything about it except the white so today I’ll be messing about to see if I can add some color.

It’s supposed to reach 85° this afternoon, which gives me hope for this weekend when Nettl and I will begin our walking regime for the year ahead. We’re planning our trip to England next spring and we need to get ourselves (and our feet!) in shape. I’m hoping to lose a few pounds and build up my endurance while I’m at it. I’m in not-so-bad shape now, and I’m in good health, but I tire way too easily. If I don’t get a handle on this now I never will. I’ll be 65 by this time next year and time isn’t showing any signs of slowing down or stopping. Most of our time in London will be spent walking to and from various tube stations, around neighborhoods, and through museums. That all adds up when you’re an old fart, especially when you’re prematurely and unnecessarily out of shape due to just plain laziness. Nope, by this time next year I’ll be feeling fit as a fiddle and rearing to go! Right now, it’s just getting the momentum to start. Oof. But that’s what a walking partner is for, no?

So back to my more technical issues… Last year I downloaded Photoshop CS2 from the Adobe website, where they made it available for free. It worked fine, but now, suddenly, I can’t “save as”. When that screen is pulled up and I try to scroll down to save my image as anything but a PSD, the screen flashes and flitters and the screen disappears. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it, but it’s still useless. I’ve read that the people at Adobe made a legal big faux pas by making it available for everyone when what they wanted was to make it available for Photoshop users who had previously bought their product and still had their registration certificates. Legally, they couldn’t pull the freebie, so I suspect they’ve added an update that makes saving impossible. WTF? CS2 is 11 years old for crying out loud. Now I’m without a good images and graphics program. I tried Gimp, but I wasn’t in the mood to learn a new program just to save one little 200 x 100 graphic as a PNG. I may be forced to teach myself; I know a lot of people who swear by Gimp. Photoshop is just too damned expensive, especially when I need a newer version of Microsoft Office. I’m still using 2003 and Windows 10 isn’t very happy about that. Should I get MS Office 2010 ?

[Aside: You know? I think I’m going to quit breaking my posts up with page jumps. And I think I’ll get rid of the “Continue Reading” feature as well. Yeah. That and adding color to this theme is what I’ll be working on today.]

Time to get moving. It just turned 11:00 and I’m still in my jim-jams. Have a great day, all!

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