Bucket List

  1. Take an excursion to Fäviken in Åre, Sweden, to experience Chef Magnus Nilsson’s restaurant and food.
  2. Visit Crete to study the Minoan ruins.
  3. Move to a mountain and/or lake house in the country. I don’t care where! (planned for around five years from now).
  4. Spend a week alone writing at Gunthorpe Hall, Norfolk, UK.
  5. Take a hot air balloon wine tour through Napa Valley, California.
  6. Take Lynette on an RV trip up and down the state of California to show her:
    1. The giant redwoods
    2. Yosemite
    3. Big Sur and the Pacific coastline
    4. The Santa Ynez Valley.
  7. Take a class in watercolors.