May I Clarify?

clarifyOK, so I think a little clarification on some blog-related things might be a good idea in case any of you are a little confused. Basically, this blog is for my enjoyment as well as that of my family and friends and whoever else would like to join in. It’s not a promo blog, a business blog, a pundit blog, or a “see what a clever writer/comedian/homemaker I am” blog. It’s a personal blog and, as such, its tone and direction will change according to whatever I’m writing about. Some days writing, some days music, some days the family, and some days my usual stream of consciousness thoughts. If I had any direction in mind when I created it, it was to have a blog in the style of what I consider to be the peak years of personal blogging, that is, 2002 to about 2006. So here is a list of things about this new blog.

  • There will never be a buttload of widgets and apps in my sidebar. For one thing, they slow pages down for a lot of people and for another, they’re an eyesore.
  • NO ADS! That I typed that in all-caps should be a clue to how much I loathe Adsense ads on personal blogs.
  • I have not provided an RSS feed or any kind of subscription widget (except for my books and music mailing list, which is a separate entity), because I prefer people to make a personal visit to read my posts. In my opinion, it was the feed readers that started the whole decline in personal blogging long before the social networks took over. People weren’t visiting blogs anymore. Why bother when you can read posts in an email? I never liked that and I’ve never read ANY blog this way. It’s kind of like emailing friends and family instead of visiting them. If you want to keep up with this blog, you can “Follow” via my Networked Blogs widget. Also, when I write a new post, I always post the link in Facebook. I’ve gotten back to Tweeting it as well.
  • May I ask you to leave your comments here on the blog rather than in the aforementioned social networks? It doesn’t take any more time, and I miss the interaction. I know that simply clicking “Like” is easier (I do too much of that myself), but when I compare online conversation to actual verbal conversation, I think it’s tantamount to devolving to grunts. Between Liking, Favoriting, emoticons, and stickers, online dialogue may disappear altogether. Obviously, if you really want to keep your comments in Facebook or Twitter, I’m not going to get all mad or anything. I appreciate comments however they’re delivered! But if it’s not something your opposed to, I’d really prefer them to be left on the actual post. Thanks!
  • If you’re a new visitor and would like me to visit your blog, just leave a comment and give me your link.

That’s is, really. I move that this session be adjourned. All in favor?

Have a great day!

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It’s Monday; Be Awesome

Here in Oklahoma it’s easy to know that Spring has finally arrived when…

  1. People everywhere you go are sneezing.
  2. The Bradford pear trees blossom. Beautiful, yes, but devastating to many locals with allergies or asthma.
  3. The Forsythia blooms, but is mostly benign. As you can see in this photo, it grows along the fence between the neighbor’s yard and ours, but I don’t know anyone who’s bothered by it. I like bringing it in the house to mix in with my annual Öseterbaum and no one seems fazed in the least.
  4. Completely benign, the yellow Jonquils seem to grow in every front yard in this town and are quite welcome after the dead, brown winter.
  5. Lastly, but certainly not leastly (to bastardize a haggard old phrase) the tornado season arrives. This state’s already been hard hit, which is alarming. We still have April and May to survive, and May is the worst. Until then we shrug, philosophize and wonder how we can fit four adults, a dog, two cats, and about 9 guitars in a tiny 5×4 closet should the sirens go off. Where existing on the precipice of disaster is concerned, living in Oklahoma is much like living in Malibu: you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

It was a good weekend, all-in-all. After enjoying our Heather’s visit of four days and making it through the first storm of the 2015 tornado season, we settled into a weekend of beautiful weather and leisurely activities. Lunch at Da Vinci’s with Jerry and Judy was relaxing and chatty, and I was able to get to know both of them a little better. Such nice people, educated, creative, and vital. While I never talk politics or religion at the table, it’s hard not to with the current climate in our United States. I left all that to Nettl and Judy;

while they discussed current events, Jerry and I talked about potting wheels and gardening. Everyone was happy. I like them both very much. Back at home, we changed clothes and I got busy with the laundry. I didn’t even take a nap so I must be feeling better after last week’s Nigel-related stresses. And now, I’m watching the 1990s BBC original House Of Cards and relaxing with a glass or three of wine.

This week will largely be taken up with preparing for Friday night’s April Fools party here at our house. It’ll be neither a formal nor a large affair, just our closest friends wearing mandatory hats (the only requirement to attend. After the wine and munchies, that is). I don’t host parties as much as I used to. I regret this, but as we get older the fun of hosting sort of wears thin. And there’s the cleanup while nursing a hangover the next day. Consequently, my party days have lessened, considerably, but it’s been a while and I need an evening with my bohemian friends.

Starting tomorrow, I begin a rehearsal schedule of at least one hour a day. I admit that I’ve gotten far too lax with artistic self-discipline these past few years. If I want to get out on the house concert circuit, I need to get back into musical shape. My voice is still good, but I need to work on my range and also on diaphragmatic support. All this takes is some regular rehearsal time.

Here it is, another Monday. Have a great day!

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My Wiener Dog Has a Gun

wienerOne of the things I remember most fondly about my old blog is how the blogging juices were stimulated simply by my getting into a habit of posting an entry every night before I went to bed. While I can’t promise I’ll go back to that, I think I’ll try to post every day, or night, as mood and time allow.

This was a good day. I mean, after the religious door knockers woke me up by making Nigel go ballistic. And this, despite the fact that we have a NO SOLICITORS sign on the door and a dog fence across the steps, and that we’ve told them on two other occasions this month to go away, we aren’t interested. Not sure what we’re going to have to resort to just to get the message across. I’m thinking I might print this sign out and put it on the door.

But, after that, things were fine. I got my coffee, Nigel got a treat, and Nettl got to write a Facebook post about the event that received a record number of hilarious comments, so all’s well. Later, I grilled some BBQ ribs and chicken, which made everyone very happy. Afterward, we settled back to watch a movie, and here I am—wow!—blogging like I used to.

Tomorrow, Nettl’s going the Presbyterian church a few blocks away to hear her voice student sing, after which he and his wife are taking the two of us out for lunch. I lucked out when he told Nettl they wanted me to join them for lunch, and I didn’t even have to go to church with them. Win! I think I heard the name, Da Vinci’s… That’s a major yum.

And this is the first blog entry of this sort that I’ve written in years


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I Made The Move

beginningsIf you’re here it’s because you either followed the link on my old blog, or else you came in from my Facebook post. Whatever brought you here, welcome! I’m really excited about this new start, but I won’t go into why I’ve done this. Let’s just say I was tired of Blogger’s refusal to protect its users with a simple blacklist function.

I’m feeling really positive about this blog, and I plan to post much more frequently than I have in the past year or two. I think the problem with the old blog was that I’m simply no longer the person I was when I initiated it in 2002. I’m now pretty comfortable in Oklahoma. My creativity has returned and I’m working on some pretty exciting new projects. I’ll be keeping you updated on all that.

Thanks for stopping by. Hey, how about leaving a comment so that I’ll know you were here? Thanks! And don’t forget to update my link on your blog!

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