My Wiener Dog Has a Gun

wienerOne of the things I remember most fondly about my old blog is how the blogging juices were stimulated simply by my getting into a habit of posting an entry every night before I went to bed. While I can’t promise I’ll go back to that, I think I’ll try to post every day, or night, as mood and time allow.

This was a good day. I mean, after the religious door knockers woke me up by making Nigel go ballistic. And this, despite the fact that we have a NO SOLICITORS sign on the door and a dog fence across the steps, and that we’ve told them on two other occasions this month to go away, we aren’t interested. Not sure what we’re going to have to resort to just to get the message across. I’m thinking I might print this sign out and put it on the door.

But, after that, things were fine. I got my coffee, Nigel got a treat, and Nettl got to write a Facebook post about the event that received a record number of hilarious comments, so all’s well. Later, I grilled some BBQ ribs and chicken, which made everyone very happy. Afterward, we settled back to watch a movie, and here I am—wow!—blogging like I used to.

Tomorrow, Nettl’s going the Presbyterian church a few blocks away to hear her voice student sing, after which he and his wife are taking the two of us out for lunch. I lucked out when he told Nettl they wanted me to join them for lunch, and I didn’t even have to go to church with them. Win! I think I heard the name, Da Vinci’s… That’s a major yum.

And this is the first blog entry of this sort that I’ve written in years


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I Made The Move

beginningsIf you’re here it’s because you either followed the link on my old blog, or else you came in from my Facebook post. Whatever brought you here, welcome! I’m really excited about this new start, but I won’t go into why I’ve done this. Let’s just say I was tired of Blogger’s refusal to protect its users with a simple blacklist function.

I’m feeling really positive about this blog, and I plan to post much more frequently than I have in the past year or two. I think the problem with the old blog was that I’m simply no longer the person I was when I initiated it in 2002. I’m now pretty comfortable in Oklahoma. My creativity has returned and I’m working on some pretty exciting new projects. I’ll be keeping you updated on all that.

Thanks for stopping by. Hey, how about leaving a comment so that I’ll know you were here? Thanks! And don’t forget to update my link on your blog!

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