Ain’t Gonna Worry No More

wrong storyI’ve learned a valuable lesson about Life, a lesson in lessons. Guess what? All of those lessons you didn’t learn when you were younger will eventually present themselves to you again so that you have the chance to prove you learned something during your journey. Not all lessons are meant to be learned and perfected at the time they come to us, you see. Some are just clues that they will come back around for you when you’re older. Isn’t the Universe generous and patient? I love this lesson. It’s as if it’s saying,¬†“You have time. I won’t forget you.”

Since about 1990 I’ve been trying to learn about walking away. About letting the dead bury the dead. Recently, the lesson¬†came back and I was at last ready to learn it.

So here’s my bucket list. It’s not full of places to go, stuff to acquire, or grand, white-knuckling adventures; it’s more about the quality of Life I’ve always envisioned for myself:

  • Finish my CD and get it out for purchase
  • Finish my trilogy (1/2 book to go)
  • Begin performing at house concerts and small gigs
  • Go to London with Lynette
  • Move to the country where there’s a thriving arts community (somewhere out of Oklahoma!)
  • Make some friends there who are vital, creative, positive, and growth-oriented
  • Continue creating some awesome things!

What this comes down to is less online time and more creative time. I’ll be putting a lot of my Facebook time back into blogging, where my creativity flourished before social networks reared their opiated, distracting heads. So count on more frequent posts here and more news about my music and writing, as well as the usual cottage life news. I’m really excited! And with that I’m going offline to work on my CD.

In the meantime, enjoy a little Peter Case.

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