Fire In The Hole Friday: Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction
Remember when he was really cute in Wings?

I admit it. I love disaster movies. The sillier, the more unbelievable and the more improbable, the better. For a while now I’ve been thinking about posting a brief report (not a review, a lot of people already do that) on the disaster movies I watch, so here’s my first.

Movie: Eve Of Destruction, miniseries in two parts (2013)
Starring: Steven Weber
Synopsis: Spoiled teenage daughter of a physicist (Weber) joins eco-terrorist group, helps blow up installation in which her father is working on an experiment to harness dark energy. When the energy escapes, creating a black hole, half the world is nearly wiped off the planet. When father and daughter are reunited she tearfully says, “I’m so sorry, Daddy.” Hugs ensue, all is forgiven. Never mind that hundreds of thousands have been vaporized into oblivion. He didn’t even take away her phone.

My Take: Spent most of the movie waiting for Weber to appear in a Hawaiian shirt whining, “But I don’t wanna fly the plane, Joe…”

High Note: Weber getting hit in the face with a coconut cream pie.

Link: Eve Of Destruction

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