Bleu Forest
Ventura County

Bleu Forest originally formed as a trio in 1966 with Michael Cullen on guitar and lead vocals, Gary Heuer on guitar and backing vocals, and Jack Caviness on drums and backing vocals.

The original three sequestered themselves at Jack's house during the formative months with constant rehearsals learning Beatles covers and one or two original songs written by Mike Cullen. The first originals were Bitterstreet and One I Love, both which were eventually included on the as yet unreleased album, A Thousand Trees Deep, and the recording of demo material at the home of music icon, Jimmy Haskell.

Bass player Ed Steele was added to the group prior to these recording sessions. Mike wrote some additional original material and rehearsed until they were perfected. The entire process consumed many months before the band felt enough original material was ready to play publicly.

Several musicians came and went before Mike left the group due to personal issues. The split was cordial and Mike allowed the remaining group to use the songs he had written. After a search of the local area, organist Larry Wiseman and lead guitarist/lead vocalist Ron Barkley were added, and this became the Bleu Forest that is most remembered.

Gary joined Casper Peabody, a Ventura band, Ed played in bands mostly with Jack and recorded his own material prior to opening very successful doughnut shops in Moorpark, and Jack joined Holy Roller in Ventura, Children of the Mushroom, and Earthquake, both in Thousand Oaks, and, briefly, Kiss, who were then unnamed. He turned down their offer, though, due to the band's proposed image. Jack left the music business in 1970 to pursue a career in professional speedway motorcycle racing. He raced until 1972 when he was injured and a year later, and began a long, successful career in construction. Wiseman went on to join Children Of The Mushroom, Lady, and Holy Roller.

Line Up

Ron Barkley: lead guitar, lead vocals
Jack Caviness: drums
Mike Cullen: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Gary Heuer: lead guitar, vocals
Ed Steele: drums, vocals
Larry Wiseman: keyboards