The BluCoats
Ventura County

The BluCoats (sometimes spelled BlueCoats) performed together around the Thousand Oaks area from 1965 to 1969. They started out playing cover tunes, but after being signed by a management company in 1968, they recorded their original material at Gold Star Studios in LA. Unfortunately, these recording were never released.

The band was approached by an LA record company whose agents arrived in a limo, in which a fateful meeting was conducted with Wade and Larry. When the agents stated that they were interested only in signing the two of them, Wade and Jim turned them down saying that if they didn't take all of the BluCoats, they wouldn't take any of them. Dispite this gesture of loyalty, the band broke up in 1969 when Jim was drafted into the service.

The members still keep in touch, meeting up to play together at the annual Thousand Oaks Bandtree Reunion, which started in 2005.

Tom and Wade are still working musicians, Tom as a music teacher in Ventura and Wade in Texas, playing with bands Gunpoint, Jerry Don Branch, the Exploding Chihuahuas, Seven, and a Crosby, Stills & Nash tribute band, 4 Way Street. Larry lives in Oregon, Jim in Oxnard, and Medardo in Ojai.

Line Up

Tom Boyce: bass
Larry Caird: lead vocals
Medardo Canales: rhythm guitar
Wade Johnson: drums, vocals
Jim Peretti: lead guitar