David Marks & the Marksmen
Ventura County

David Marks is best known as one of the founding members of the Beach Boys, remaining with them from February 1962 to October 1963. He played rhythm guitar and sang back-up vocals on the band's first four albums, and in over 100 concerts, touring the United States, from Hawaii to New York, and appearing on their first string of national TV appearances. While his time in the band may have been relatively short, Marks contribution to the band's seminal sound is significant.

David went on to record solo material with his band, the Marksmen, on both A&M and Warner Brothers records. Additionally, two of his Thousand Oaks psych pop bands, the Moon and the Colours, still enjoy a large cult following among the era's collectors and music aficionados.

David is a classically trained guitarist and composer who studied at some of Boston's finest music schools. He had a successful career playing with some of the greatest talents of this generation in the varied genres of surf, psych pop, jazz, blues, classical, and rock and roll, all without trading on his notoriety as an ex-Beach Boy, choosing instead to remain out of the spotlight as a mostly anonymous, working guitarist and songwriter. The 2008 release of Dave Marks & the Marksmen Ultimate Collector's Edition, 1963-1965 marks the first time the entire Marksmen catalog was made available to the public.

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Line Up

David Marks: guitar, vocals