Music (demo tracks for my forthcoming Album, Little Yellow House)

A fun little song about a bunch of guys living in a house in Thousand Oaks, CA back in the late sixties and early seventies. I met them one afternoon at one of their famous jam sessions and some of us are still good friends today. In fact, some of them will be performing on my CD. This is a pretty raw demo, but I think it promises to become a great little song when it's finally done. I uploaded a video of this demo, which displays photos that were taken on that fateful day back in February of 1972. Click here to see it.
Acoustic guitar, bass, and vocal: Kaye Waller.

Originally written as a blues rock song, I mellowed this out by making it more of a ballad. The album version has a slight Jimmy Buffet feel, however.
Acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals: Kaye Waller.

I may record another, more acoustic version with only guitar, resonator, and bass. Which version I decide to put on the album is anybody's guess.
Acoustic guitar, tambourine, and vocals: Kaye Waller :: Resonator, bass: Wild Bil McCombe :: Drums: Chrys Berri.

A beautiful and moving song written by Bruce Cockburn. I took considerable liberties in my arrangement without losing the original intensity of the message, I think. Update 2/2017: I've decided to not include this song on the CD, opting instead to restrict it to original songs.
12-string guitar, bass, and vocal: Kaye Waller